File#: 1108
Nationality: Filipino
Currently Residing: Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Carlina speaks English, Tagalog and Arabic. She enjoys cooking, baking, reading, singing, watching the news, walking and biking. Carlina is applying for a position as a Nanny for children or a Caregiver (Nurse’s Aide) with seniors. Carline has been working as a staff nurse in Saudi Arabia since 2010 and holds a part time position as a part time Nanny/Caregiver caring for a 1yr old and a 55 yr old since 2015. Carlina says she is not a fanatic onliner like others nowadays. she prefers to be home cooking, baking, cleaning and organizing. Cooking is her favorite past time and likes to discover new menu ideas from other countries. Baking is her greatest dream and hopes to learn how to make good pastries.

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