File#: 1127
Nationality: Filipino
Currently Residing: Singapore
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Emaleen is working in Singapore as a Nurse. She has experience working with children and seniors. She prefers as position with seniors as she has experience senior care, disabilities, stroke, dementia, personal care, critical and over 9 years experience in Nursing. She describes herself as a jolly person who is easy to get along with and is hardworking and diligent. Emaleen can cook Filipino food and can cook different dishes that she has learned from a YouTube tutorial. She cannot bake but is willing to learn. On her day off she enjoys biking, jogging, watching a movie or going to church. Emaleen said her prospective employer will not regret choosing her as she will do her very best as she values her work. When in Canada she wants to see the beautiful Niagara Falls, celebrate Canada day in a Canada t-shirt, experience snow and take beautiful pictures during the fall season.

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