Caregiver & Companion Support Services for Long Term Care & Retirement Residences, Hospitals and Hospices

Temporary and permanent Care Solutions are available on a full or part time basis to compliment the care in Long Term Care & Retirement residences and hospitals or to provide extra support services. Our Care Solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Transition into a new residence

Elderly-lady-in-a-wheelchair-with-her-carer-000048917298_FullIn some cases temporary care is required during a transition period in a Long Term Care or Retirement residence. A Companion can spend time with the new resident to unpack or set up their new residence and escort to activities or events and meals until they become more familiar and given the opportunity to meet others. The Companion can spend time talking, or watching favorite TV shows together, go for walks or attend activities within the residence. Laundry assistance and general tidying is also available. Minimum of 4 hours per day.

Companion Caregiver

The Companion would be available for daily to weekly visits. They can supervise medication, do gentle exercise, go for walks around the residence or outdoors in the community, assist with daily living, dressing, hygiene and grooming and escort to meals, activities or events within the residence. The Companion may share similar interests, offer to read the newspaper or a book, watch a movie or favorite TV programs, arrange stimulating activities, puzzles or even the daily crossword puzzle. Duties of light housekeeping, seasonal cleaning, laundry and shopping or errands are also available. Personal Support Workers are available for those who require more medical and personal care. The Caregiver can leave a journal to ensure good communication with the family. Each visit will update the family on the activities, progress, any medical or memory concerns or prepare a list of any clothing or personal products required. 

Care may include…

  • Assist with daily living activities
  • Assist with dressing, grooming and preparing for the day
  • Companion
  • Meal assistance
  • Personal care
  • Escort to recreational programs, special events, church in the residence or community
  • Light housekeeping & laundry ( seasonal cleaning, closets, seasonal wardrobe change)
  • Medication supervision
  • Shopping & errands
  • Gentle exercise and walks
  • Adding comfort and quality of life